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Improved hosting services & pricing changes

  • 18th March 2016
This is a notice to let you know we are increasing the price of our hosting services for the first time in over three years. We want to provide the best possible service to our customers so we are upgrading our servers. Using better servers means faster loading websites. This will help to improve Google rankings and it will also lead to more ...
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New hosting service option - PRO business Hosting in our Carbon Neutral Cloud!

  • 21st August 2014
NEW Green Website & EMail Hosting Service with 100% uptime and eco-friendly carbon neutral solution for business webhosting & emailWe are excited to be able to offer you a brand new way to host your website. We have recently started working with a fantastic UK based hosting company who are storming ahead with eco friendly solutions for IT. ...
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New client accounts area - welcome

  • 19th August 2014
Just a quick message to let you know about our new accounts area and billing system.Features of our new accounts area Manage all your services with us in one place View website analytics reports, stats and marketing tracking dashboards Order new services with us and upgrade your existing services Order / register / transfer domain names with ...
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